Work with Devon

Hi! My name’s Devon and I want to be your Virtual Assistant (VA)!

I wear many business hats, mostly in direct sales to keep my mind occupied when I have downtime. I love being energetic and keeping busy so downtime is not always easy!

Five years ago, if you had met me, you would’ve thought, “wow she’s quiet and keeps to herself!” Now, I’m outgoing and love putting my name out there! Back then, I would’ve never driven in a car with my name and phone number plastered on my window but hey, now I do! You never know how much you’ll change from year to year until you look back at previous years. I look back on previous years and I can’t believe how much I’ve improved! I’ve gone through some rough times just like most of us have! I definitely would say blogging has been my go-to when I just want or need to escape from reality.

Thank you for ready my story and visiting my site! I hope you enjoyed your visit and I’d love to continue to share my journey with you and be the VA of your dreams!


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Do you not see a blog you want to be written? A service that you are interested in hiring for? Or just want to say hi? Fill the contact form out and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Interested in what I do to create an income using social media?

Are you curious about affiliate marketing? Well, there are products out there and we sell and promote them, thus making a commission from them. However, I’m specific to one main company right now.

Thankfully, I’ve learned to leverage a system that allows me to not have to find products to sell, I don’t have to be salesy and throw house parties to sell to friends and family. Thank goodness for that! To be honest, I really had no idea how to market or “promote” things online previous to this experience. So my friend, if I can do it so can you!

These products I promote? I believe in, they have changed my life in so many positive ways and are continuing to do so! I want to give back and help you learn to leverage this same system and start using social media to turn this system into a passive income for you and your family!

I work with a team of success-driven individuals that come from all different walks of life, education levels, careers, and skills. However, we all share one common goal and that’s complete freedom from the 9-5 so that we can follow our passions, work where and when we want while helping change our world for the better!

Are you looking for:

– More time? Freedom?

– A Circle of positive influence?

– Less financial stress?

– Social Media Marketing Guidance?

Well, when you choose to work with me you’ll get access to the exact system that I use which includes; exclusive access to a training and coaching community so you have the resources, tools, and game plan to crush your goals and create a life that you’ve dreamed about. While you are building your online business, you’ll also find yourself part of a unique culture. One that inspires and uplifts (And we are a whole lot of fun!)

Here’s who I’m looking to work with:

– Someone coach-able.

– Someone dependable.

– Someone who has the desire to create success

– Someone who uplifts others

– Someone who has a “No Excuse” mindset

If you are interested in Working with Devon, please fill out the form below: