Are you ready to record your own videos?

Are you ready to share your story, tips and tricks, and so much more with the world? I personally know I was ready when I started filming youtube videos at home. The 3 most important items you need to create the perfect videos are Lighting Tripod, and your cellphone of course! I personally use my cellphone because I have tried cameras and go pros but have found my phone creates better images.

I would love for you to check out my youtube channel and see the many videos I have made. I am in the process of uploading more and can not wait for you to see them! If you have any questions about different youtube processes I would love to help you out!

Check out my Youtube Channel:

Are you into a “Pyramid Scheme”?

Todays blog is about Pyramid Schemes!

Have you ever thought truly about how your 9-5 job is laid out? I mean like who owns the company who is your boss and the many people above or below you. Well I certainly have!

9-5 jobs are just like those network marketing schemes! Ever truly put it out on paper? We’ll take a look at the featured image. You have your C.E.O. / owner at the top and then your managers and supervisors and then employees. That is just like a mlm (multi-level marketing) company.

Now that you know take a thought about working in the network martketing industry and making your own hours. Contact me if you would like to hear about the many opportunities in my mlm company.



5 Reasons You Need A Bookkeeper!

Are you wondering if you are in need of a bookkeeper? Is your business growing faster than you expected? Are you not spending time in your business?

Well here are 5 signs that you need a bookkeeper:
1. Doing your books is keeping you away from your business
2. You’re not keeping up to date with all your transactions.
3. You are not sure you are keeping records correctly
4. Your tax and or other compliance is getting confusing
5. Your accountant is performing bookkeeper duties at an accountant rate

Just try out a bookkeeper for a month you will never go back to not having one!

Invoice Quick and Easy With Square!

Are you self employed? Do you sell products? Are you in need of a way to invoice clients or take payments?

Square is a perfect tool for all your payment and scheduling needs! I personally use square for all my personal clients as well as my side business. I love using it and I know you will too!

What 5 Places I Would Like To Visit In The USA!

I have been thinking a lot about the places that I want to visit in the USA. I came up with 5 that I really want to visit. They are New York City, Disneyland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Minnesota. With myself being able to work from any where I think I would love to say that I was able to work in any of these places for just a day if not more.

Can you imagine saying that you spent the day in New York City working? I would love to even just say that I went to New York City! I have been to a different part of New York but when you travel for a funeral/ wake it doesn’t count as a vacation. I went to Utica New York and we just went for the funeral/ wake and then drove all the way home. Being able to go to New York City and experience everything there would be a dream! One of these days I will make it to New York City and see what everyone else sees with it!

One Day New York City Tour

Have you ever been to Disney Land? I have only been to Disney World and its always a dream come true! Seeing that I have never been out to California I have never gone to Disney Land. One of these days I will make it to Disney Land and definitely film videos in Disney Land so that you can watch my journey! Speaking about filming definitely check out my YouTube channel when you get a chance. My link is I would love to show you any journey that I go one!

Going along with the California train, I would love to visit San Francisco. I know its probably just the Boston of California but hey it would be cool to say I have been! Plus I am a huge fan of Full House and Fuller House to say that I have been to where it is based out of would be amazing!

Everyone says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but why? I know there are so many casinos and hotels and so many different attractions. Having a good time in Vegas is a definite must! I vaguely know why people say what happens stays there but wouldn’t you want everyone to know about your adventures! I know that I want to be able to travel and work everywhere plus be able to document where I have worked is an absolute must!

You are wondering why I want to travel to Minnesota and that is because the Mall of America is there! I know malls are soon going to be no longer because most Americans are purchasing online but hey the Mall of America who wouldn’t want to go there! It has over 520 stores, a roller coaster, and so much more! Like really a mall with a roller coaster in it, I am in! Here I come Minnesota just to check out the Mall of America!

Now that you know the 5 places in the USA I want to visit, what are the places in the USA you want to visit?