How to be successful with Arbonne!

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Today I am going to take to you all about being successful with Arbonne!

There are 4 ways to earn an income with Arbonne and they are:

  1. Client commissions 35% suggested retail price and Preferred Clients 15% SRP
  2. Overrides commissions paid to you on product sales of team
  3. Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus VP availability
  4. Cash bonuses

The most important way to help you earn the most income possible is to show up for yourself! That start with doing personal development, listening to calls with other mentors, or going to meetings and if your notable to attend listen to the recordings.

Arbonne has taught me that you need to listen to yourself first and not worry about what others think of you!

Are you ready to jump on my team and see all the great success we all have? The potential earnings are amazing!

Thank you for taking the time to learn how to be successful with Arbonne!


Devon Livingston

Arbonne Independent Consultant



Are You Looking For A Way Of Income While At Home?

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Now lets get started! Are you looking for a way to bring in income at home without doing MLM companies?

Well here are just a few companies that are amazing to work for!

Assurance – Assurance Work

NexRep – Nex Rep Work

Arise- Arise Work

Transcom – Transcom Jobs


Sykes – Sykes Jobs

I have personally worked for all of these companies and know they are 100% legit ways to make money from home. I currently still work for a few of these companies and love every day!

I would love to answer any questions you may have in regards to any of these companies!

Thank you for taking the time and checking out how to make money from home working legit jobs that are not MLMs.

~The Livingstons

New Home 2019 Video Tour!

In this episode of Devon TV, I take you on a tour through our new home!

Please excuse the mess as we are still trying to figure out where to put everything!

I would love to have you subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see the crazy journey we are on and to get some tips and tricks to working at home and running your own business!

Happy Wednesday!

5 Reasons You Need A Bookkeeper!

Are you wondering if you are in need of a bookkeeper? Is your business growing faster than you expected? Are you not spending time in your business?

Well here are 5 signs that you need a bookkeeper:
1. Doing your books is keeping you away from your business
2. You’re not keeping up to date with all your transactions.
3. You are not sure you are keeping records correctly
4. Your tax and or other compliance is getting confusing
5. Your accountant is performing bookkeeper duties at an accountant rate

Just try out a bookkeeper for a month you will never go back to not having one!

Invoice Quick and Easy With Square!

Are you self employed? Do you sell products? Are you in need of a way to invoice clients or take payments?

Square is a perfect tool for all your payment and scheduling needs! I personally use square for all my personal clients as well as my side business. I love using it and I know you will too!