Change your life with Initials Inc!

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Today I am going to talk to you all about Initials Inc and how you can change your life with Initials inc!

Right now is the best time to join Initials Inc because it is $99 to join and you receive $250 of credit to the new fall and winter catalog!

When you do join you create your own opportunity to succeed! There is so many reasons on why to take the leap and be your own boss! I would love to sit down with any one and chat about your goals in life and we can discuss why joining initials inc is a great option for you!

Thank you so much for taking the time and looking further into changing your life!

4 Tips That I Have Learned With Direct Sales!

The Direct Sales Companies I do:
Initials Inc
Tastefully Simple
Young living

Cutco at Home

Tips for direct sales:
1.Believe in what your doing and your product
2. Dont be impatient
3. Be yourself
4. Emphasize your satisfaction, value, and need

The equipment I used to film my videos:

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Want to be able to work anywhere in your home?

Have you ever wanted to work anywhere in your home? Do you have many different tools you need to accomplish your everyday tasks?

Well I have found a way that I can work from anywhere in my home and take all my items around with me! I recently purchased a 3 Tier Rolling Cart from amazon and it is absolutely amazing!

Everything from paperwork to my planner to little items this cart is my office on the go! All I need is my laptop, iPad and phone and I have everything needed! Being a social media manager and an accountant it really is possible to work from anywhere at any time!

Here our links of a few items within the cart:

Rolling Cart – 3 Tier Rolling Cart

Purse – A line

Black and white Bin – Initials inc

Pink Bin – Thirty One Bin