A Day in The Life!

Hey Everyone! Welcome Back!

It is time to update my day in the life!

I wanted to share with you my day. I am a pregnant full time entrepreneur who wears many hats! I have finally been able to set my own schedule and work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

5:00 am Alarm goes off. I start by getting up

5:10 am Get ready, get the husband up, make the bed, and check my planner for the day.

As a hard working individual I have been thru so many different planners and I finally found the one that works for me – shop the planner I use.

5:30 am Make breakfast and watch the news.

6:00 am – 1:00 pm Work/Blog/Vlog/Schedule Posts. I put different things I do during this time as it varies day by day.

1:00 pm Head into the office and start work at my call center job. But that does not mean my other job stops. I work my business until 6:00 pm well taking calls.

9:30 pm Finally comes around and I clock out of my call center job.

My day is changing every day and will be changing even more when the little one finally makes her appearance.

I hope you enjoyed my schedule and thank you for reading!



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5 Kinds of Social Content To Help Your Business Grow

Are you at a loss for how to grow your business? Have you run out of ideas?

Here are 5 ways to grow your business!

1. Entertainment ( holidays, memes, jokes, hashtag days, contest giveaways)

2. Inspirational (quotes, pictures, personal stories, facts)

3. Educational (tips and tricks, freebies, courses, q and as)

4. Conversational (questions, fill in blanks, advice, caption photos)

5. Connection ( tours, what’s going on personal, product reviews, life events, reposting user content)

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Those 5 different areas will help your business grow to a new length!

Just always remember having a successful business is key!

New Home 2019 Video Tour!

In this episode of Devon TV, I take you on a tour through our new home!

Please excuse the mess as we are still trying to figure out where to put everything!

I would love to have you subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see the crazy journey we are on and to get some tips and tricks to working at home and running your own business!

Happy Wednesday!

4 Tips That I Have Learned With Direct Sales!

The Direct Sales Companies I do:
Initials Inc
Tastefully Simple
Young living

Cutco at Home

Tips for direct sales:
1.Believe in what your doing and your product
2. Dont be impatient
3. Be yourself
4. Emphasize your satisfaction, value, and need

The equipment I used to film my videos:

Oh and follow me!

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Are you looking to create the perfect home office?

Working from home can be very hard to find the perfect organization skills and space. I have found what works best for us and I figured that it would be perfect to let everyone know.

In our house creating the perfect office/ house is having the ability for everything to be linked to Alexa and Apple Home. Within 2019 I am going to be purchasing a new desk to make my office more elegant looking and have iDevice sockets so that all my devices turn on and off with Alexa below are the links to get your own white desk and iDevice Sockets!

I cannot wait to have the perfect setting to create so much more content and to be able to service my VA clients better with more organization!

iDevices Socket – WiFi Light Bulb Adapter, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Baraga Collection Home Office Desk, 61″, White