How to reset or restart your business?

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Before we get into today’s topic let me get you updated! I took maternity leave the end of August and on September 3rd we welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world! So with that being said Jammie and I are mommy and daughter team! Being home with her lead me to restarting my business and in turn lead this article!

Now let’s dive into today’s topic which is how to reset or restart your business.

Are you currently struggling to bring in sales or get new clients? Well I am going to talk to you about some ways you can reset or restart your business to get it thriving again!

There are a 7 different things that I have started to do to reset or restart my business. They are evaluate your daily routine, attend company events, get business cards, attend local events, look at the company at a different angle, get referrals, and have a 90 day plan. With these 7 different things let me go into a little bit more detail to help you out!

Evaluating your daily routine- When you do not have a set schedule your day will not go as planned! Being a mom to a newborn my day is scheduled around her feedings and naps. I invested in a smart phone so that when I am rocking her to sleep or laying in bed at night I can work and not have my laptop to wake her or my husband.

Attend company/ local events- Attending company events helps you get pumped about your business and you have friends that are just like you with some what the same goals! I know with this year 2020 my company has a lot more virtual events! Conference and team meetings are all virtual and it helps out because with myself being a new mom I don’t have time to travel to go to conference in another state. Local events are fun to attend as well like vendor events or parties!

Get Business Cards- If you have business cards you are more able to pass them to friends and family and even leave them at many different locations. Business cards can be shipped world wide so it is helpful to have many on hand!

Looking at your company in a different angle- When I first started direct sales I cold messaged a lot and tried to get parties and now that is not me at all! I work my business in a lot of different ways and I have found it more effective then cold messaging and parties. If I have people who reach out to me for a party I won’t say no but I do not go looking for them.

Referrals- When you have individuals using the product it helps because other individuals see the product and get excited about it! I personally love referrals and anytime someone refers an individual to me they receive a gift! Every little referral helps your business even if its just sharing your business page!

Have a 90 day plan- By creating a 90 day plan you have in your head goals that need to be accomplished daily and weekly! I personally have a 30, 60, 90 day plan. I find it easier for me because I can watch my progress!

I hope those 7 different things help you reset or restart your business! I know they are helping me reset my business!

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