Happiness is Everything!

Being happy means so much to so many different types of people.

Happiness is truly everything! This picture of myself was captured by my soon to be brother in law after I proceeded to roll down the hill like a little kid again! Mind you this was only a few weeks ago.

The key to happiness in my life is to always have a plan and a goal in place! Everyday is a new day so make the best out of every situation!


What is a Minimalism Lifestyle?

Minimalism Lifestyle is living with less, being able to just take off at any time. Having a minimalism lifestyle has less financial burdens and less unnecessary things.

Minimalism is a tool that can help you become free. A lot of minimalists are able to live in an RV or small studio apartment.

Always appreciate what you have! It is very true that a picture is worth a thousand words in a minimalist lifestyle.  You do not need multiple things of one item, like multiple toners or multiple laundry detergents when you are running low then you can go out and buy more. Just think of it like you live in a RV all the time do you think you have room for multiple items. Obviously if you have a larger family you need more in quantity but if its a smaller family you are able to have less things. And I say things as a broad term.

Things in your minimalism lifestyle real are different for every person. Ask yourself this one question when you make a purchase, Are you going to have images to remember an amazing time or a thing that will get old and be thrown away in many months.

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The Story Behind My Blog Name

Have you ever wondered why bloggers call blogs certain names? My blogs name is Start a New LifeStyle.

I named my blog this to help myself start a new life and to help others create a better life! This name for my blog has literally shown me the way to a new start.

You never know what is going to happen until you start a new lifestyle just like my blog name says. Little things like making the bed everyday or bigger things like working 12+ hours everything counts to get your life to where you want it.

If you were to blog or vlog make a name that represents you! This blog and vlog represent me and different things that I have gone through in life and figured might as well share it with the world! This is the 21st century everything is online now! Might as well jump on the band wagon!