How to reset or restart your business?

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Before we get into today’s topic let me get you updated! I took maternity leave the end of August and on September 3rd we welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world! So with that being said Jammie and I are mommy and daughter team! Being home with her lead me to restarting my business and in turn lead this article!

Now let’s dive into today’s topic which is how to reset or restart your business.

Are you currently struggling to bring in sales or get new clients? Well I am going to talk to you about some ways you can reset or restart your business to get it thriving again!

There are a 7 different things that I have started to do to reset or restart my business. They are evaluate your daily routine, attend company events, get business cards, attend local events, look at the company at a different angle, get referrals, and have a 90 day plan. With these 7 different things let me go into a little bit more detail to help you out!

Evaluating your daily routine- When you do not have a set schedule your day will not go as planned! Being a mom to a newborn my day is scheduled around her feedings and naps. I invested in a smart phone so that when I am rocking her to sleep or laying in bed at night I can work and not have my laptop to wake her or my husband.

Attend company/ local events- Attending company events helps you get pumped about your business and you have friends that are just like you with some what the same goals! I know with this year 2020 my company has a lot more virtual events! Conference and team meetings are all virtual and it helps out because with myself being a new mom I don’t have time to travel to go to conference in another state. Local events are fun to attend as well like vendor events or parties!

Get Business Cards- If you have business cards you are more able to pass them to friends and family and even leave them at many different locations. Business cards can be shipped world wide so it is helpful to have many on hand!

Looking at your company in a different angle- When I first started direct sales I cold messaged a lot and tried to get parties and now that is not me at all! I work my business in a lot of different ways and I have found it more effective then cold messaging and parties. If I have people who reach out to me for a party I won’t say no but I do not go looking for them.

Referrals- When you have individuals using the product it helps because other individuals see the product and get excited about it! I personally love referrals and anytime someone refers an individual to me they receive a gift! Every little referral helps your business even if its just sharing your business page!

Have a 90 day plan- By creating a 90 day plan you have in your head goals that need to be accomplished daily and weekly! I personally have a 30, 60, 90 day plan. I find it easier for me because I can watch my progress!

I hope those 7 different things help you reset or restart your business! I know they are helping me reset my business!

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31 Days Of Blogging or Vlogging Ideas!

Are you stuck trying to come up with ideas for your blog or vlog?

Well today I am going to provide you with 31 ideas that may help you get unstuck!

Let’s dive right in!

  1. Who are you? About you.
  2. Different ways to make money as a side hustle.
  3. Whats your Schedule?/ Daily Routine.
  4. How you got started in your career?
  5. What is your mission statement?
  6. What is your goals for the year or month? How are you going to achieve them?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 25 years?
  8. How to be successful in your business?
  9. Who is your support system and why do they mean so much to you?
  10. Give people a glimpse of your work station
  11. What items do you depend on daily?
  12. Monthly 411 on new items being released
  13. What is your biggest failure and how could you have done it better?
  14. Write a review of a product or service in your business
  15. What is your morning routine?
  16. The importance of unplugging of social media
  17. Essential vacation tips
  18. Interview an individual who has made it big in your industry
  19. Who inspires you in life, business, or work?
  20. What sets your business apart from competitors?
  21. How do you stay focused and productive?
  22. What scares you the most and why?
  23. Share your success
  24. Re-purpose an old post
  25. Publish an E-Book and promote it on your blog
  26. Create a Quiz
  27. Why you choose to blog? How you came up with your name?
  28. How to monetize your blog.
  29. Planning: Expectation vs Reality
  30.  Publish a What If Post
  31. Publish an online course

That is 31 days of blogging or vlogging ideas! I hope this helps you get started or fix your writers block!

Thank you for taking the time and reading my article.

~The Livingstons

The Benefits of Paper Planning

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Today I am going to talk to you all about the benefits of using a paper planner. I personally used to be all electronic when it came to planning but now I have switched over fully to paper planning and absolutely love it!

With paper planning you have no distractions! No way of going off topic and pulling up social media or emails.

Yes you can bring an electronic planner everywhere but what about that one time when there is no service or your phone or electronic device dies. Well having a paper planner you are able to use it anywhere and everywhere!

You are able to be a lot more productive with a paper planner! I know personally having that ability to cross off items that I have completed makes my days more productive!

Did you also know that when you physically write items down it helps you remember them more! I love being able to write, it is so relaxing and the fact I remember more when I write is amazing!

When it comes to paper planning you have the ability to customize the pages how ever you would like! Whether you are planning with a pen, pencil, colored items, or even stickers you can make it 100% you!

I hope this article helped you understand just a few ways that a paper planner is very beneficial. I personally know of so many paper planners out there but I use Tula Xii and absolutely love it. Check out Tula Xii Planners!

Thank you for reading!

The Livingstons


3 things I am going to keep doing come 2021!

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As many of you are aware 2020 has been one heck of a year! COVID-19 has made many of us lose our jobs or work remote. Many of us have been home bound for so long and just now starting to get back into the work force.

For a good 2 and half months I was one of those individuals who got furloughed as my work got shut down but that did not stop me from finding another source of income!

There are 3 things that I have done since March 2020 that I will continue to do as the days go on!

As everyone was enjoying being home and doing nothing I was going crazy! Many of you know I do not sit still and need to constantly be doing something so the fact I did not have a job really was killing me. I started to look for legit at home opportunities and was able to find many different opportunities that were hiring! I applied and got hired right away!

Working from home saves us a lot of time and money! Not having a commute every day is amazing but it also means that I have to prioritize what is going to get down before I have to clock in for work. I normally work a 12 hour day and take 3-4 breaks depending on the day but I love what I do so it does not bother me at all. Working from home as made it so that I am able to work more on my blog, my direct sales company, and my Youtube channel (when I am not in available status at work). It has also helped us prepare for little Jammie who will be making her appearance in a matter of weeks. The fact that I am going to be a work from home mom is going to help us because we do not have to spend money on daycare or nannies.

We have also really taken a liking to eating at home more. Being able to eat at home and have family dinner is really nice. We either talk about our day or watch a tv series together. Eating at home has brought as closer! We cannot wait to have family dinner with Jammie in our new home!

Being home and being pregnant I noticed myself constantly forgetting things. I joined a direct sales planner company and absolutely love using my planner. I utilize my planner a lot more now that I am home 100% of the time. I honestly used to use multiple different planners but I finally found the one that works for me and helps me organize my life.

COVID-19 pandamic has helped me realize what I plan on staying on top of as days and years go by. Just a recap of what I plan on continuing through out life. I plan on working from home every day, eating at home (only eating out on date nights), and finally utilizing my planner.

I appreciate you taking the time and reading my blog! I look forward to having you read more articles!

~ The Livingstons

Are you looking to join Tula XII in July 2020?

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In this episode of Start a New Lifestyle blog version it is all about the two different kits Tula XII has to offer!

As many of you know I am an Independent Brand Ambassador with Tula XII and love every second of it! I thought that I would let you know the two kit options that we have to offer this month!

You can join for as little as $49!

The $49 sign-on kit INCLUDES

  • 1 Medium sized classic cover
  • 4 Medium sized inserts
  • 1 jump band
  • 1 logo vinyl sticker
  • 1 getting started card
    • 1-Month of Replicated Website
      • After that it is $8.99 per month plus applicable taxes to maintain. Must call to cancel if you do not want this feature.

You can also join for $99!

$99 Sign on Kit INCLUDES

  • 1 Medium classic cover (randomly selected from inventory)
  • 1 Small classic cover (randomly selected from inventory)
  • 8 inserts in a variety¬† (4 Medium and 4 small)
  • 1 tab set
  • 1 tab word sticker sheet
  • 1 plastic credit card and 1 plastic dash
  • 1 set of jump bands
  • 1 random accessory (charm, pencil pouch, coasters, deco, etc)
  • 1 oval vinyl sticker
  • 1 Getting Started card
  • 1 easel
  • 10 order forms
  • 10 mini catalog brochures
  • 1-Month of Replicated Website
    • After that it is $8.99 per month plus applicable taxes to maintain. Must call to cancel if you do not want this feature.
  • Kit item patterns/colors are randomly selected and not necessarily as pictured

Both of of these kits are amazing opportunities! They provide you with the product to start growing your own business on your own time!

Will you take advantage of one of these kits? I know I am happy I did!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all about the two kit options for Tula XII!

~ Devon