How to create the perfect planner for college!

Hello all and welcome back to my blog!

Its that time of year that college kids are going back to school whether it be remote online learning or smaller classes!

With that being said I have the perfect planner set up for any college student!

Items you need for your planner:

  1. Cover
  2. Monthly Calendar Insert
  3. Weekly Calendar Insert
  4. Password Insert

Those are just 3 inserts that are crucial to start the year out! If you want to make your planner your one stop shop to grab and go you could add a notes insert and a wallet insert.

You would never need to by another planner again! Just more inserts, that is unless you love the new covers that come out!

I hope this was helpful for those trying to create the perfect planner for college or the perfect planner in general! I am always happy to answer any planner and organizing questions.

If you are interested in purchasing this planner that I laid out I will provide the link.

I am a brand ambassador with Tula Xii and love the product! I hope you love your planner!

Thank you for your time!

The Livingston’s

Subscription Box For Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur I was always looking for an amazing subscription box to help me grow as a business owner and help my business grow. I came across Sparkle Hustle Grow and I have never looked back!

There is two separate options that you can receive each month! You are either able to get the mini mailer that contains the book of the month and the training or you are able to get the full size box that comes with 4-6 items which include items like a book, tech items, office supplies, or so many other items.

Every year Sparkle Hustle Grow hosts a retreat that you are able to go to and get some amazing training! It is a great opportunity to meet many new people and enjoy a getaway with either yourself of someone who is close to you.

Sparkle Hustle Grow boxes and mailers ship out towards the middle of the month for both VIP members and regular members. Being a VIP member you receive the box sooner than the regular members and you receive updates sooner. I

I love my monthly gift to myself as it helps me grow as an individual and helps my business succeed. I can not wait to see what the May 2020 box has to offer as it sold out very quickly! Every month is a surprise!

Get Your Sparkle Hustle Grow Box!

Are You Looking For A Healthy Lifestyle Change!

Ever since we found out that we are expecting I have turned into a crazy person when it comes to chemicals.

Melaleuca has so many products that have put my mind at ease.

Starting from our laundry detergent to our dishwashing soap to even our floor cleaner. All these products are perfectly health for me to use during my pregnancy and it is amazing!

They even have makeup, food, and nutritional drinks! So even after this baby Melaleuca will help me lose the baby weight!

I would love to have you check some of them out!

Instant Pot Helps Me Cook Everything!

Working from home I have all the time in the world to prepare dinner and clean, said no one who ever has worked from home!

I received an Instant Pot for my birthday and it has been a true life savor! Anyone who has ever worked from home knows that even though you are home it feels like you are always working!

This Instant Pot has helped us cook everything in this house at a fast time! I honestly love the fact that you can put raw meat in and it comes out cooked to perfect! When I would make dinner for use without the instant pot I was always burning the pasta or burning dinner in general, now that we have the instant pot I throw everything in the pot and turn it to the right setting and time and bam dinner is done in 15 min or less!

I highly recommend this for any entrepreneur or work at home individual! Even if you work a 9-5 job this instant pot is perfect for everyone! If you have amazon prime, you can

Get your instant pot today!