5 Reasons You Need A Bookkeeper!

Are you wondering if you are in need of a bookkeeper? Is your business growing faster than you expected? Are you not spending time in your business?

Well here are 5 signs that you need a bookkeeper:
1. Doing your books is keeping you away from your business
2. You’re not keeping up to date with all your transactions.
3. You are not sure you are keeping records correctly
4. Your tax and or other compliance is getting confusing
5. Your accountant is performing bookkeeper duties at an accountant rate

Just try out a bookkeeper for a month you will never go back to not having one!

5 Reasons You Need A Social Media Manager!

Do you run your own business? Are you a local entrepreneur? Are you in an industry that your business thrives with online interaction?

You need a Social Media Manager!

Here are 5 reasons that you would thrive with a Social Media Manager:

1. Social Media is always changing
2. Your business will thrive with a social media strategy
3. Helping your customers and responding to comments and reviews
4. Different perspective on your business inside and out
5. And finally the reporting and tracking aspect of it!

Now the question is will you look into what a social media manager can do for your business? I am always accepting new clients.

Integrate Affiliate Marketing into your everyday life!

What is affiliate marketing?

To understand what an affiliate program is you have to understand affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when a product creator allows partners (i.e. affiliates) to sell their product or service in exchange for a commission–incentivizing them to promote the product and produce sales in addition to the efforts of the product creator.

An affiliate marketing program is how a product creator facilitates this process. The basics are always the same. An affiliate sells the creator’s product and earns a commission. The details of that arrangement and how it is managed are what varies.

I got this definition from elegantthemes. I have followed elegant themes for a while and just think that they have the best way to describe it!

Why start affiliate marketing?

-Boost your income

-Boost your traffic to your site/channel

-Generate quality leads

-help sell other products

-broaden your influence

-improve your sites SEO

Different types of affiliate marketing:

Bigger Programs:



-amazon affiliate




Smaller Programs:




-constant contact

-cj affiliate


-many different smaller shops like nadine west, stella and dot, and so many more

The journey of affiliate marketing is hard but once you start it you just have to keep pushing and it will finally pay off!

Invoice Quick and Easy With Square!

Are you self employed? Do you sell products? Are you in need of a way to invoice clients or take payments?

Square is a perfect tool for all your payment and scheduling needs! I personally use square for all my personal clients as well as my side business. I love using it and I know you will too!


Social Media Management Guru

I have recently taken on within my full time job managing Social Media Accounts! I absolutely love it and want to tell you more about it!

Working for a small accounting firm I was expecting to only do accounting and bookkeeping like business, well boy ways I wrong! We have many clients who we assist with everything from accounting, bookkeeping, social media management, website design and maintenance, to even editing content. We do so much more than that as well but those are to name a few. I have become the social media management guru! I love creating content and planning just the right things to say and images to go along with it!

There is so much more behind the scenes that goes on for planning all your social media content. So many different platforms to upload content on! You always want to make sure that your presents on social media is very active so you can bring in clients online as well as in person!

We are taking on more clients every day! Are you going to join our movement and hire a social media guru who even does your accounting and bookkeeping if you would like! We try to onboard at least 10 clients per month in our growing business! I cant wait to keep growing and assist more clientele!