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Are you into a “Pyramid Scheme”?

Todays blog is about Pyramid Schemes!

Have you ever thought truly about how your 9-5 job is laid out? I mean like who owns the company who is your boss and the many people above or below you. Well I certainly have!

9-5 jobs are just like those network marketing schemes! Ever truly put it out on paper? We’ll take a look at the featured image. You have your C.E.O. / owner at the top and then your managers and supervisors and then employees. That is just like a mlm (multi-level marketing) company.

Now that you know take a thought about working in the network martketing industry and making your own hours. Contact me if you would like to hear about the many opportunities in my mlm company.



Disney Trips Make Everyone Smile!

I figured todays post should be up beat and fun! I know it has nothing to do with what I do for a life but Disney makes me happy!

Are you a person who has ever been to Disney? Disney is always amazing in my opinion. If you have never been to Disney you definitely should take a trip soon!

When you attend Disney World you get wrist bands called magic bands and they have your whole trip on them! It’s like a one stop shop!

A big thing that I did when I went to Disney was Pin trade! Everyone who works at Disney has pins that you can race for pins you receive. To get pins you can buy them at Disney it self or we bought a whole bunch on amazon before we - It's a way of life!

The best part honestly about Disney was traveling there. I am a person who would travel every day if I could! If I could live in Disney I would!

Will you be attending Disney World, Disney Land, or Paris Disney any time soon?

9 Ways To Have A More Productive Day!

Are you trying to have a more productive day? Here are 9 ways to have a more productive day!

1: Work on purpose – things that have end products

2: Elimate distraction – airplane

3: Set yourself deadline/ timers

4: Done is better than perfect

5: Sharpen the ax – improving our skills to do work more effectively

6; unsubscribe and unfollow; distraction or getting down

7: no to more things, say no to things that dont support big goal

8: use templates

9: save work consistently

With these 9 ways you are able to have a more successful and product day! Are you ready to look your best and make your best amount of money! Start these 9 ways every day and you will start to notice a difference!

How To Have A Productive May 2019!

Are you feeling like you are not making progress month to month? Most of us do not plan months ahead. May 2019 is your month to start getting back on the right track!

There are 5 different tasks that help me plan a great month ahead!

1. Spend 15 minutes planning each day. Start off with the big tasks you want to accomplish that day and a few little tasks.

2. Take a Full Weekend off. You need a full weekend to stay healthy and bring back your creative mind. Look at your month ahead and pick a weekend that you know will not have a huge impact on your business but you are able to take a break.

3. Tackle some bigger goals! If you have big goals create little goals that make the bigger goal easier to accomplish.

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

4. Take on a New Project. Start a new project this month that can have a great impact on your life, like clearing out the garage or writing a chapter in your novel you are creating or even create a digital lifestyle. When you start a new project you start to have a different mindset on what’s going on around you!

5. Consider a 30 – day trial. Has there been something you wanted to start or stop doing in life? Well if you do or do not do the task every day by the end of the 30 days you will have a new habit and see if it is right for you.

Dailygreatness Daily Journal

How is May 2019 going to help you? Every month is a new month to start a new way of life!

What is a Minimalism Lifestyle?

Minimalism Lifestyle is living with less, being able to just take off at any time. Having a minimalism lifestyle has less financial burdens and less unnecessary things.

Minimalism is a tool that can help you become free. A lot of minimalists are able to live in an RV or small studio apartment.

Always appreciate what you have! It is very true that a picture is worth a thousand words in a minimalist lifestyle.  You do not need multiple things of one item, like multiple toners or multiple laundry detergents when you are running low then you can go out and buy more. Just think of it like you live in a RV all the time do you think you have room for multiple items. Obviously if you have a larger family you need more in quantity but if its a smaller family you are able to have less things. And I say things as a broad term.

Things in your minimalism lifestyle real are different for every person. Ask yourself this one question when you make a purchase, Are you going to have images to remember an amazing time or a thing that will get old and be thrown away in many months.

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