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4 Tips That I Have Learned With Direct Sales!

The Direct Sales Companies I do:
Initials Inc
Tastefully Simple
Young living

Cutco at Home

Tips for direct sales:
1.Believe in what your doing and your product
2. Dont be impatient
3. Be yourself
4. Emphasize your satisfaction, value, and need

The equipment I used to film my videos:

Oh and follow me!

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Happiness is Everything!

Being happy means so much to so many different types of people.

Happiness is truly everything! This picture of myself was captured by my soon to be brother in law after I proceeded to roll down the hill like a little kid again! Mind you this was only a few weeks ago.

The key to happiness in my life is to always have a plan and a goal in place! Everyday is a new day so make the best out of every situation!


Are you ready to record your own videos?

Are you ready to share your story, tips and tricks, and so much more with the world? I personally know I was ready when I started filming youtube videos at home. The 3 most important items you need to create the perfect videos are Lighting Tripod, and your cellphone of course! I personally use my cellphone because I have tried cameras and go pros but have found my phone creates better images.

I would love for you to check out my youtube channel and see the many videos I have made. I am in the process of uploading more and can not wait for you to see them! If you have any questions about different youtube processes I would love to help you out!

Check out my Youtube Channel:

Start A New Lifestyle Revamp

Welcome to Start A New Lifestyle. I have been away for to long and now getting back into accepting new clientele. If you are unaware of what Start a New Lifestyle is let me tell you all about it!

I created a business that helps others focus on their own business. Start a New Lifestyle assists companies and individuals. We offer everything from social media management, graphic design, accounting, creating virtual courses, and so much more.

We have so much in store for you! Every week we will be posting tips and tricks to help you succeed in your own business as well as providing links to videos so you can see first hand the tips and tricks! We also have a big course being created as we speak that is going to be rolling out potentially the end of July beginning of August at the latest. If you are interested in making sure you know the latest articles that are rolled out weekly put your name and email below and you will get automatic notifications when we roll out new tips and tricks and new courses!