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15 ideas for your Vlog!

Ever have a brain block when it comes to creating content for your YouTube channel? Well here is 15 ideas for your Vlog!
1. How you and your other half met.
2. Office, House, Space Tour
3. What are your goals and how do you plan on reaching them
4. Personal Struggles you may have and how you plan on overcoming them.
5. Unboxing or Unpackaging
6. Your story of how you became who you are
7. Review video of different products
8. Whether you are paperless or not and how you assist that lifestyle
9. Sing a song
10. Show off a collection

11. Compare and contrast video

12. Items you may need to travel

13. Facts about yourself

14. How to Video

15. Organization video

Each idea can go in so many different directions. How will you use any of these ideas and turn them into your own!

Great Times to Post on Social Media!

Have you been wondering the good times to get your posts seen most on social media? Well here are the great times with each social media platform to make posts that will hopefully bring in more views!

If you are on Twitter it is shown that if you post between 1 and 3 pm as well as 730 and 930 pm you are more likely to have your tweet viewed!

If you are posting on Facebook it is shown that if you post between 6 and 8 am as well as 1 and 5 pm and finally from 8 -845 pm, your facebook posts will be more likely viewed by many!

Are you an Instagram lover? Well when you post between 630 and 730 am as well as at 8 pm you are more likely to have more likely to have individuals see your post!

Are you a youtube recorder? If you post your videos Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm you will most likely have more viewers to your youtube videos!

Pinners are you ready to possibly have more views! Well if you post during the week from 2 -4 pm and 8 -11 pm you will have more viewers. Also if you pin any time on Saturday and Sunday it is also know you will have more viewers!

If you are posting to LinkedIn you are more likely to have viewers if you post between 7 and 830 am and from 5 to 6 pm.

I hope these times help your business soar!

Want to be able to work anywhere in your home?

Have you ever wanted to work anywhere in your home? Do you have many different tools you need to accomplish your everyday tasks?

Well I have found a way that I can work from anywhere in my home and take all my items around with me! I recently purchased a 3 Tier Rolling Cart from amazon and it is absolutely amazing!

Everything from paperwork to my planner to little items this cart is my office on the go! All I need is my laptop, iPad and phone and I have everything needed! Being a social media manager and an accountant it really is possible to work from anywhere at any time!

Here our links of a few items within the cart:

Rolling Cart – 3 Tier Rolling Cart

Purse – A line

Black and white Bin – Initials inc

Pink Bin – Thirty One Bin

Social Media Management Guru

I have recently taken on within my full time job managing Social Media Accounts! I absolutely love it and want to tell you more about it!

Working for a small accounting firm I was expecting to only do accounting and bookkeeping like business, well boy ways I wrong! We have many clients who we assist with everything from accounting, bookkeeping, social media management, website design and maintenance, to even editing content. We do so much more than that as well but those are to name a few. I have become the social media management guru! I love creating content and planning just the right things to say and images to go along with it!

There is so much more behind the scenes that goes on for planning all your social media content. So many different platforms to upload content on! You always want to make sure that your presents on social media is very active so you can bring in clients online as well as in person!

We are taking on more clients every day! Are you going to join our movement and hire a social media guru who even does your accounting and bookkeeping if you would like! We try to onboard at least 10 clients per month in our growing business! I cant wait to keep growing and assist more clientele!

18 Things I wish I knew before working from home!

Here are 18 things that I wish I knew before I started working from home! Each item is so important!

1. Get ready for the day! It is so important!

2. Drink Water!

3. Plan your day ahead of time!

4. Have padding time!

5. Have a support system!

6. Have a clean house and office, you will have a clearer mind!

7. Get enough sleep!

8. You will miss your corporate job.

9. Laundry is still never done.

10 Dishes are still never done.

11. Have alarms on your phone for different tasks.

12. Minimalism is best.

13. Writing everything down when it comes to your mind is the best practice.

14. Your house will always be messy.

15. You need to get outside, remember to take a walk.

16. There is never enough time for everything!

17. No matter what you will end up getting distracted. Find ways to not distract yourself!

18. Always plan a day off. Even if it means one day every 2 weeks, just to reenergize!

I hope these 18 things helped you get ready to start working from home!

Taxes, Taxes Everywhere!

It is the horrible season for accountants and tax preparers. The season of taxes! From being an accountant taxes are tiring and a long process but a rewarding process!

That feeling you get when you complete a clients taxes is amazing! One client done with so many more to go. January 1st to April 15th (tax day) is the most crucial time for our clients.

Doing individuals personal taxes to small and large business taxes to self employed taxes, I deal with all different types of taxes and assist clients to make sure they get the best result possible.

Are you looking for someone to assist you on your tax journey? Well we are ready to accomplish your taxes for you!

Never take life for granted!

Never take life for granted it can be swept away right under your feet. Live every moment like its your last!

Have you ever thought about where your life is? How did you get here? Always remember that every step you take or have taken is because of the path that is already laid out for you.

Smile, Always be joyful, Always listen to your gut feelings. You are where you are supposed to be! It may be a bumpy ride but it is always a good ride! Remember that! Life is a crazy and wild ride but you are where you are supposed to be and make it the best ride of your life!