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Why I chose 1 Direct Sales Company and Which!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! Hello if you are new! I try and publish a new blog post atleast once a week!

This weeks blog post is all about why I decided to chose one direct sales company and which one I decided to chose! Lets dive right in!

As many of you know I have been with many direct sales companies and I have finally found the one I am most passion about! That company is Tula XII. I am currently an independent brand ambassador with Tula and love every minute of it!

For those of you that do not know what Tula XII is, it is a planner company! You have the ability to make your own planner how you want it! Who doesnt like planning!!!

I knew this company was the one when I decided to decal not just one vehicle but two!! We have three vehicles in our house hold and the one that does not have a decal is my husbands truck however the car and my truck both have a decal. Being able to be a part of a company that is a ground floor opportunity is amazing!! I am currently one of the 4 representatives in New Hampshire as of June 2020!

I chose Tula XII to because it brings me joy every day and I am able to work my business where ever I go as long as I have data service or WiFi! Having one company makes it easy to focus on growing and becoming a better person! If you are having issues deciding on which company you want to stick with think of these questions: Which one is the most profitable for you? Which one gets you excited every day? Why are you doing direct sales in general? What are your pro’s and con’s of your direct sales company? These questions helped me chose Tula XII and I am proud of it!

Thank you for reading about why I chose one direct sales company and which one I chose!

I hope this helps you decide on your own direct sales company!


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How Long To Keep Paperwork?

How long to

Are you trying to live a minimalism lifestyle? Are you getting weighed down by all your physical mail and paperwork? Are you wondering how long to keep some of the paper work you have?

Receipts (non-deductible items), deposit/ ATM slips, and reconciled bank statements should be kept for at least 1 month.

Items that should be kept for 1-3 years are: checkbook ledgers, paycheck stubs, mortgage statements, insurance records (expired), charitable contributions, all business – income related documents, proof of deductible purchases, and receipts for charitable donations.

There are 8 items that you should keep for at least 7 years. They are state and federal income tax returns, w-2 and 1099s, medical bills and statements, contracts, any receipts that were used as tax deductions, cancelled checks, mileage records, and real estate tax forms and records.

Did you know that the IRS can perform an audit up to 6 years after filing? Well it is true! It is recommended that you keep those tax items for at least 6 years.

Documentation that you should keep forever are important special documents. They are birth certificates, marriage/ divorce paperwork, auto titles, mortgages, investment statements, passports, home improvement receipts (for insurance), property agreement, contracts, pension + retirement plan records, education records, medical records, current insurance policies, wills, and receipts from major purchases (for insurance). I personally have an electronic copy of the special documents or some individuals put them in a safety deposit box it is completely up to your preference.

I hope that this information was helpful and informative. It is one step to get a minimalist lifestyle!

Thank you and have a great day,

Josh & Devon



A Day in The Life!

I wanted to share with you my day. I am a pregnant full time entrepreneur who wears many hats! This is my Monday to Friday schedule.

5:00 am Alarm goes off. I start by getting up

5:10 am Get ready, get the husband up, make the bed, and check my planner for the day.

As a hard working individual I have been thru so many different planners and I finally found the one that works for me – shop the planner I use.

5:30 am Make breakfast and watch the news.

6:00 am – 2:00 pm Work/Blog/Vlog/Schedule Posts. I put different things I do during this time as it varies day by day.

2:00 pm Head into my office and start up all my systems.

2:30 pm -5:00 pm Work for the call center.

5:00 pm- 5:15 pm My first break. It normally consists of me starting a load of laundry or washing some dishes.

5:15 pm-7:30 pm Back to work.

7:30 pm- 8:00 pm Lunch Time/ Dinner Time. Its called lunch time in our system however because of our time zone its really dinner time for myself.

8:00 pm – 9:30 pm Back to work.

9:30 pm -9:45 pm Last break of the evening. This normally is myself spending a few minutes with my husband. However this sometimes changes if he works late.

9:45 pm -11:00 pm Back to work for the final hour and 45 min. I personally love my job so I do not mind working this late.

11:15 pm It is finally bedtime! Until little Jammie comes along then this whole schedule will be different.

My day is very regular! And with new things happening in the next few weeks it is a perfect schedule for myself!

I hope you enjoyed my schedule and thank you for reading!



***This post may contain affiliate links that I receive a small compensation from if purchased*** I only share information that I have tried personally and would recommend to my best friend!

Chit Chat June 16th 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

It has been roughly a month since I have been on my blog so let me get you up to speed!

We have roughly 11 weeks left until we meet our little one and in the midst of that we have a great journey that we are going to be starting soon! I will fill you more in on that when we have it all finalized!

I have been working like crazy at home during this pandemic between my direct sales companies and my couple full time jobs.

Josh and I have very excited to get my own business up and running slowly but surely!

My planner lately is my best friend because of everything that needs to get done and my brain is mush. Baby brain is really a thing!

Keep an eye out on the many different blog posts we will be doing as well as the many different vlog posts!

We wish you a great Tuesday!

Devon & Josh

Subscription Box For Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur I was always looking for an amazing subscription box to help me grow as a business owner and help my business grow. I came across Sparkle Hustle Grow and I have never looked back!

There is two separate options that you can receive each month! You are either able to get the mini mailer that contains the book of the month and the training or you are able to get the full size box that comes with 4-6 items which include items like a book, tech items, office supplies, or so many other items.

Every year Sparkle Hustle Grow hosts a retreat that you are able to go to and get some amazing training! It is a great opportunity to meet many new people and enjoy a getaway with either yourself of someone who is close to you.

Sparkle Hustle Grow boxes and mailers ship out towards the middle of the month for both VIP members and regular members. Being a VIP member you receive the box sooner than the regular members and you receive updates sooner. I

I love my monthly gift to myself as it helps me grow as an individual and helps my business succeed. I can not wait to see what the May 2020 box has to offer as it sold out very quickly! Every month is a surprise!

Get Your Sparkle Hustle Grow Box!