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5 Kinds of Social Content To Help Your Business Grow

Are you at a loss for how to grow your business? Have you run out of ideas?

Here are 5 ways to grow your business!

1. Entertainment ( holidays, memes, jokes, hashtag days, contest giveaways)

2. Inspirational (quotes, pictures, personal stories, facts)

3. Educational (tips and tricks, freebies, courses, q and as)

4. Conversational (questions, fill in blanks, advice, caption photos)

5. Connection ( tours, what’s going on personal, product reviews, life events, reposting user content)

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Those 5 different areas will help your business grow to a new length!

Just always remember having a successful business is key!

Are You Looking For A Healthy Lifestyle Change!

Ever since we found out that we are expecting I have turned into a crazy person when it comes to chemicals.

Melaleuca has so many products that have put my mind at ease.

Starting from our laundry detergent to our dishwashing soap to even our floor cleaner. All these products are perfectly health for me to use during my pregnancy and it is amazing!

They even have makeup, food, and nutritional drinks! So even after this baby Melaleuca will help me lose the baby weight!

I would love to have you check some of them out!

What Have We Been Hiding?

It has been quite some time since I have written or even vlogged! Well let me explain why!

In January 2020 Joshua and I found out that we are expecting a little one in September! Needless to say I just successfully got out of my first trimester and now feel like a million bucks!

With this new baby coming every week is something new! We have a full list of stuff that has to get done before this baby gets here and I feel like we have no time! With both of us working well over 40 hours a week all we want to do is catch up on the sleep we wont have soon!

Stay tuned on the many different articles I will be posting about organization and planning!

Thank you!

The Livingstons

2020 Is A New Year!

2020 is a new decade and new year! We are already 7 days into the year and it is slowly become the best year yet!

Have you started your yearly planning? My yearly planning started with myself organizing my monthly happy planner! Every week is well thought out and planned! When you have a plan you are more likely to succeed in life!

From new articles to new videos on my vlog to working like crazy to special announcements 2020 is going to be the year of a lifetime!


Engaged and Married in 2019!


Never did I think that 2019 had an engagement and marriage in store for me. If you asked in January what I saw in this next year I would have never said married and engaged. I probably would have said just living my life day to day and hoping that I would get married and have kids.

But look at me now it is December of 2019 and I am happily married and loving every day! In October when Joshua purposed I was ready to plan a huge dream wedding for 2020 but then after much thought and talking to each other we decided to tie the knot now in 2019 and just have a new house party in 2020!

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If I have just one piece of advice for anyone it would be to live your life to the fullest. If you are unhappy and just pushing day to day that is not how you want your life. Keep looking forward because you never know what will happen one day!

One day could change your whole life and you never know when that day will be!