The Benefits of Paper Planning

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Today I am going to talk to you all about the benefits of using a paper planner. I personally used to be all electronic when it came to planning but now I have switched over fully to paper planning and absolutely love it!

With paper planning you have no distractions! No way of going off topic and pulling up social media or emails.

Yes you can bring an electronic planner everywhere but what about that one time when there is no service or your phone or electronic device dies. Well having a paper planner you are able to use it anywhere and everywhere!

You are able to be a lot more productive with a paper planner! I know personally having that ability to cross off items that I have completed makes my days more productive!

Did you also know that when you physically write items down it helps you remember them more! I love being able to write, it is so relaxing and the fact I remember more when I write is amazing!

When it comes to paper planning you have the ability to customize the pages how ever you would like! Whether you are planning with a pen, pencil, colored items, or even stickers you can make it 100% you!

I hope this article helped you understand just a few ways that a paper planner is very beneficial. I personally know of so many paper planners out there but I use Tula Xii and absolutely love it. Check out Tula Xii Planners!

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The Livingstons