3 things I am going to keep doing come 2021!

Hello and Welcome back to my blog!

If you are new thank you so much for taking the time to read. If you are returning thank you so much for supporting my blog!

As many of you are aware 2020 has been one heck of a year! COVID-19 has made many of us lose our jobs or work remote. Many of us have been home bound for so long and just now starting to get back into the work force.

For a good 2 and half months I was one of those individuals who got furloughed as my work got shut down but that did not stop me from finding another source of income!

There are 3 things that I have done since March 2020 that I will continue to do as the days go on!

As everyone was enjoying being home and doing nothing I was going crazy! Many of you know I do not sit still and need to constantly be doing something so the fact I did not have a job really was killing me. I started to look for legit at home opportunities and was able to find many different opportunities that were hiring! I applied and got hired right away!

Working from home saves us a lot of time and money! Not having a commute every day is amazing but it also means that I have to prioritize what is going to get down before I have to clock in for work. I normally work a 12 hour day and take 3-4 breaks depending on the day but I love what I do so it does not bother me at all. Working from home as made it so that I am able to work more on my blog, my direct sales company, and my Youtube channel (when I am not in available status at work). It has also helped us prepare for little Jammie who will be making her appearance in a matter of weeks. The fact that I am going to be a work from home mom is going to help us because we do not have to spend money on daycare or nannies.

We have also really taken a liking to eating at home more. Being able to eat at home and have family dinner is really nice. We either talk about our day or watch a tv series together. Eating at home has brought as closer! We cannot wait to have family dinner with Jammie in our new home!

Being home and being pregnant I noticed myself constantly forgetting things. I joined a direct sales planner company and absolutely love using my planner. I utilize my planner a lot more now that I am home 100% of the time. I honestly used to use multiple different planners but I finally found the one that works for me and helps me organize my life.

COVID-19 pandamic has helped me realize what I plan on staying on top of as days and years go by. Just a recap of what I plan on continuing through out life. I plan on working from home every day, eating at home (only eating out on date nights), and finally utilizing my planner.

I appreciate you taking the time and reading my blog! I look forward to having you read more articles!

~ The Livingstons