Engaged and Married in 2019!


Never did I think that 2019 had an engagement and marriage in store for me. If you asked in January what I saw in this next year I would have never said married and engaged. I probably would have said just living my life day to day and hoping that I would get married and have kids.

But look at me now it is December of 2019 and I am happily married and loving every day! In October when Joshua purposed I was ready to plan a huge dream wedding for 2020 but then after much thought and talking to each other we decided to tie the knot now in 2019 and just have a new house party in 2020!

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If I have just one piece of advice for anyone it would be to live your life to the fullest. If you are unhappy and just pushing day to day that is not how you want your life. Keep looking forward because you never know what will happen one day!

One day could change your whole life and you never know when that day will be!