Disney Trips Make Everyone Smile!

I figured todays post should be up beat and fun! I know it has nothing to do with what I do for a life but Disney makes me happy!

Are you a person who has ever been to Disney? Disney is always amazing in my opinion. If you have never been to Disney you definitely should take a trip soon!

When you attend Disney World you get wrist bands called magic bands and they have your whole trip on them! It’s like a one stop shop!

A big thing that I did when I went to Disney was Pin trade! Everyone who works at Disney has pins that you can race for pins you receive. To get pins you can buy them at Disney it self or we bought a whole bunch on amazon before we leftWaltLife.com - It's a way of life!

The best part honestly about Disney was traveling there. I am a person who would travel every day if I could! If I could live in Disney I would!

Will you be attending Disney World, Disney Land, or Paris Disney any time soon?

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