Are you a traveller? Never check a bag again!

There are a few things that I find are very helpful if you are looking to travel without checking a bag! These are the items I would use as everything is in pink.

Carry On Suit Case –

> packing cubes –

Pillow –

Headphones –

Water bottle –

Travel Size Toiletries Container –

Personal Safe –

Those are just a must items that you may see me using! With having a few trips planned in the horizon I do not want to have to check a bag with multiple layovers. That is multiple chances your bag could be lost! Being able to have a carry on and my other half being able to have a carry on we are good to go and ready to explore!

Now who is ready to take the leap of choosing only carry on items and go on many more different trips without the hassle of checking a bag!

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