Social Media Management Guru

I have recently taken on within my full time job managing Social Media Accounts! I absolutely love it and want to tell you more about it!

Working for a small accounting firm I was expecting to only do accounting and bookkeeping like business, well boy ways I wrong! We have many clients who we assist with everything from accounting, bookkeeping, social media management, website design and maintenance, to even editing content. We do so much more than that as well but those are to name a few. I have become the social media management guru! I love creating content and planning just the right things to say and images to go along with it!

There is so much more behind the scenes that goes on for planning all your social media content. So many different platforms to upload content on! You always want to make sure that your presents on social media is very active so you can bring in clients online as well as in person!

We are taking on more clients every day! Are you going to join our movement and hire a social media guru who even does your accounting and bookkeeping if you would like! We try to onboard at least 10 clients per month in our growing business! I cant wait to keep growing and assist more clientele!

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