18 Things I wish I knew before working from home!

Here are 18 things that I wish I knew before I started working from home! Each item is so important!

1. Get ready for the day! It is so important!

2. Drink Water!

3. Plan your day ahead of time!

4. Have padding time!

5. Have a support system!

6. Have a clean house and office, you will have a clearer mind!

7. Get enough sleep!

8. You will miss your corporate job.

9. Laundry is still never done.

10 Dishes are still never done.

11. Have alarms on your phone for different tasks.

12. Minimalism is best.

13. Writing everything down when it comes to your mind is the best practice.

14. Your house will always be messy.

15. You need to get outside, remember to take a walk.

16. There is never enough time for everything!

17. No matter what you will end up getting distracted. Find ways to not distract yourself!

18. Always plan a day off. Even if it means one day every 2 weeks, just to reenergize!

I hope these 18 things helped you get ready to start working from home!

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