Day in the Life of a Remote Accountant/ Blogger!

Every day is different for a remote accountant/ blogger! I use my Google Calendar to stay organized as well as having specific office hours.

I start my day at 3:50 am when my other half wakes up and gets ready to leave for work. It is bright and early. Once he takes off our puppy and I head back in the bedroom to relax. I normally read one of my books, listen to a podcast, or watch some inspirational YouTube channels until 5am. I then get up and get ready to start my day.

I do everything from feed the dog to shower to doing my hair to making breakfast. From 5 am to 6 am is normally my morning routine time. 6 am its time to sign into my computer and start working! Logging on to all of the programs I use for my accounting job and start cracking the numbers.

It is now 915 am and I am starting to get hungry again so I take a snack break. It’s perfect time because my other half has lunch so it’s nice to text back and forth until we have to get back to working. 2 pm rolls around and my 8 hours of work is finally complete. Now to finish some house chores!

From 2pm to 4 pm is everything from cleaning to doing laundry to preparing dinner and writing a few articles. My other half gets home around 4 pm. We take a nice long relaxing walk with our puppy. We finally sit down for dinner at 630pm and enjoy the time together and watch the news. Once dinner is all set we clean up and sit down and watch some tv until 8pm then we head off to bed. I normally sleep until like midnight and then my brain comes up with ideas and I wake up out of a head sleep write the ideas down and fall back asleep until 350 am to do our whole routine again!

The day in the life of an accountant and a blogger is a tiring day! Every day is different, you stick to the same guidelines but in the middle of the day things change as long as I stick to my google calendar schedule everything runs smooth! But hey it’s life it’s not always supposed to go how it’s planned!


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