Snowball Debt Tracker

Are you ready to get rid of your debt? Have you heard of the Snowball Debt Tracker?
The Snowball Debt Tracker assists you by getting rid of your debt. There are 5 steps that you can use to get rid of your debts.
1) List all your debts you may have and organize them from lowest amount to highest amount.
2) Commit to making the minimum payment for each debt every month.
3) Determine how much extra funds you will have each week/ month.
4) Place the extra funds towards the lowest debt until it is paid off.
5) Once the debt is paid off the minimum amount and the extra that was used to pay off the lowest debt can now be applied to the next debt.
I find it helpful to also have a tracker. On one side of my tracker I have all my debts and the other side of my tracker I have my monthly bills. If you would like to use my snowball tracker you can click here!.
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