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Are you looking to find your perfect company? Looking to make money at home? Here is a list of direct sales companies and a little bit about each one!

Avon is an amazing company with so many benefits. You are able to be your own boss and CEO. You can work your own hours and how ever many you would like. Whether you cant to work part time or full time Avon is a great company to work for. Avon

Stella & Dot is a great company. Yes it is expensive to start however it is a great company to work for. You are able to earn 25-35 % commission on all sales. You can make your own hours and be your own boss! Sign-up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist Today!

Initials inc is a bag and accessories company. You get paid every Friday as long as you make a certain amount of commission otherwise you get paid twice a month. This company has 2 ways you can join, either purchase the kit for $99 or host to join and that is hosting a party and joining with your credits. You make a commission of between 20 and 35 percent depending on your ranking. Initials Inc

Melaluca is a online shopping center. You receive everything from laundry detergent to drink mixes to soap to essential oils and so many more products. It is $1 to join as a preferred member. Once you are a preferred member you get discounts at many different stores you would normally shop at. If you are interested in joining Melaluca or learning more about this contact me and I will explain more about the company! Contact Myself

Tastefully Simple is a company that you can receive different items of food. You can join for $39.95. Most clients order the 30, 10 or meal kits to make their weeks or months go by without the hassle of trying to think of something to eat. Check out what Tastefully Simple has to offer. Tastefully Simple

Thrive is a lifestyle change. It is free to join and you get paid every Tuesday. Thrive

Norwex is a lifestyle home change. This company offers products that are good for the environment. It is 9.99 to join and that is just the shipping on your kit. You receive 35% commission and the percentage does go up depending on your ranking. Norwex

Paparazzi Jewelry is a jewelry company. They sell bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings all for a low price of $5 each! It is $99 to join but comes with over $300 worth of products. Paparazzi Accessories

Posh is naturally based, cruelty free beauty products. With perfectly posh every order you buy 5 items and get your 6th item free! The products are proudly made in the USA. While you join posh today? I would be happy to answer any questions! Posh

Cutco is a kitchen accessories company. is free to join and you get to show all your friends and family the amazing products you have to offer. It is free to join. You receive your kit and can show all your friends and family. Once you make sales you can choose to keep your kit or return it to Cutco. Cutco At Home

There is soooo many more direct sales companies. Every person has different opinions on different companies but my motto is do not judge the company until you personally have tried it. You never know everyone is different!

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