The Sparks Never Fade!

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Posted By Devon Roy


The Sparks between us will never fade! Every day is a new day for new sparks to stir and old ones to come out! Yes our lives are not where we expect them, however we are there for each other no matter what. Our hearts are one.

Thinking about the sparks fading and not being with each other is not an option. We have spent so much time together, with so many years, through so much stress and agony, we are one.

Seeing you light up makes me light up. Whether its seeing our puppy or enjoying something new in our lives. When you smile I smile.

I never understood when I was younger how people would say you will know your person when you see them. I knew when I first locked eyes on you when we were younger. Now that we are older and have lived together for quite some time I still know. I know more now then I did back then. Yet the spark is still there. Sparks will never fade no matter what. Yes they may hide deep down but it will always still be there!

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